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We have compiled videos, stories, and advice from significant others of students in the various rotation regions RVU-SU has to offer. We're encouraged to NOT pester our students about all of the ins and outs of years 3 & 4 when they just need to be focusing on the schooling right in front of them, but as a significant other it's easy to worry about finding housing & jobs, and what the implications of a move (or the lack thereof) for your relationship and family! So here's the place where you can dive in and learn some things for yourself! Of course, you can always use the Facebook group and other social media resources to ask questions and seek advice, but we felt this information needed a more permanent home. :)   

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Q&A Blog post:

Opinions & Experience from 2021 3rd & 4th years:

Southern Utah
  • Katie Unger (2023)

    • We love it!! We like that we get to stay in the RVU community, and we love how family friendly St. George is. There is so much to do out here for the whole family. I would say the only disadvantage is sometimes we still do have to travel a little bit. So far our furthest has been Mesquite. We will be going to Payson in December. Josh has loved every preceptor he’s had. One of his internal med rotations was 10 days on, 10 days off! So it was really fun to have him home so much! His preceptors have all been so great and he’s had great experience. From my perspective it’s been so fun not having to worry about moving somewhere else, and I still have my friends up here! ❤️

  • Chalyse Christensen (2023)

    • We're in Southern Utah!

    • Likes: Didn't have to move! It was ultimately a big money saver for us to stay here. We had our hearts set on going back to Utah County (where we're both from to be near family) but last minute changed our minds to try to stay. We are so glad! It's been the right choice for our family. A big part of that was schooling for our kids (free preschool in our area and my oldest got to stay at her same school). The other bonus is being near campus for the couple weeks of training they're required to be here (surgery week and family med week).

    • Dislikes: Like Katie said the region is huge! Cedar City to Mesquite. So sometimes there's a lot of driving involved. For us though Joe hasn't had to leave St George. Totally luck of the draw! They did tell us during lottery time that if you choose a big region, it is likely you'll be rotated out once or twice. So that should be a consideration!

    • I definitely would recommend staying! But I think you'll be happy wherever. All the regions seem to be so great in different ways. And bonus! This year seems a little less crazy with scheduling... So hopefully that continues to get better for your guys class.

  • Katie Harris    

    • We found a place in Layton, and we’ve enjoyed it. We are on rotation #3 and so far my student’s commutes have been 15 min. Which is amazing! He’s had great preceptors. It’s been a great move for our family! (Missing st George this time of year) with every move we grow closer as a family. We are now closer to dear friends and all our family which has been SUCH a blessing to have more date nights/or mom “days off” for me.

    • I think it’s been nice that there aren’t that many students in this region so my husband will never need to double up with another student. His preceptors have all been stellar!

    • We loved St George, but we felt God needed us elsewhere and I’m really glad we followed though with that feeling. So if you have an inkling to rank somewhere “random,” definitely trust it!

  • Sara Lofthouse (2023)

    • I’m in Vernal and it has been a good place to live. I would recommend it! I'm not a big shopper and I like rural areas. So it depends what you want to meet your needs.

    • I was a little terrified to live in an apartment setting, but it has been good for my family. My husband has liked his rotations. There are hikes and state and national parks, library, and community rec center.. My complaint is that our carpet sucks 😂 and family is a few hours away.

  • Emily Poulson (2022)

    • We loveeeee it here. It’s a small town, but everything you could ever need is an hour away. We live in a little town called Spring Glen which is about 10 minutes outside of Price and it’s super cute.

    • I will say however finding housing here is hard. There’s not many options for renting. We actually bought our house (which def has it’s own pros and cons list 😅) but it’s worked out well.

    • It’s SO good for the students. The doctors here are so excited about having them and are genuinely excited about teaching them. Lots of hands on experience. They’re so nice to families too. Our basement flooded right before my husband left for an audition rotation and the doctor Austin was working with before he left, made sure that I had his number and not to hesitate to call if I needed anything.

    • I cried for days before and after we moved, but it’s such a good place and it’s SO good for students. I will be very sad when we have to leave and we’re hoping to someday come back!

Utah Valley
  • Rachel Doyle (2022)

    • Likes: For us, a huge plus was proximity to family. Fourth year is wicked expensive, because away rotations and residency applications cost an arm and a leg. We’re blessed to be able to live with family, which has been a huge help financially. There are also a wide variety of preceptors in our area, which means that The Student has had a really diverse experience, and a lot of exposure to clinic and hospital settings. Because it’s a more population-dense area, he’s been able to easily rotate with preceptors in his specific field of interest.

    • Dislikes: It’s not St George, haha. We miss the red rock! But besides that, the traffic up here isn’t great, and the Utah Valley region is large: I believe the boundaries are Murray all the way to Payson. We live in South Jordan, so when he has rotations in Provo/Springville and further, the commute takes a while.

    • I do really recommend the region. Like I said, there’s a lot of preceptors here willing to take on students, so filling his schedule isn’t hard. If your student is interested in a field that is a little more specialized, a populated area is going to provide more learning opportunities. My husband, for example, is going into PM&R/Sports Med, and he’s been able to do elective rotations with several physicians in that specialty.

    • St George was our top choice, and we’re sad we didn’t get to stay, but the pros of the Utah Valley region’s education outweigh the geographical pros of Southern Utah.

  • Richelle Warr (2023)

    • It was not our first choice, but it has worked out really well. We are living in Pleasant Grove and love it. So far most of the rotations have been close about 20 min drive. He will have to go to Payson for Peds, so that's a bit of a commute. But Surgery 1 & 2 were literally walking distance from our home -- so it balances out. The preceptors my student has worked with so far have been amazing. There are a lot more shopping/recreation options than St. George. There are also a lot more school-aged kids in our neighborhood here, which has been great for our daughter. We are also closer to family, which is nice.So far, we've had a great experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend. (It's only been a few months, though.) I'm from Salt Lake, and it will probably always be home to me. So, I still kinda wish that had worked out. But we're close enough that it's easy to visit. And really, that's more about me than the rotation spot.

  • Devonee Christensen (2022)

    • We don't live there anymore due to my husband being able to schedule all of his 4th year rotations in Rexburg, ID instead. We really liked living in Show Low even with the pandemic in full swing. People are friendly and helpful and the surrounding area has so much to do like hiking and being outdoors. I will say that the walmart there stunk and it would be better to go to the Taylor one a half hour away. Also, if you like a small town feel this is definitely the place. We stayed in Show Low for every rotation except psych where my husband arranged it to be in my hometown so we could visit my parents. My husband has liked majority of his preceptors. A big hardship that you can run into is housing. There were only two apartment options when we looked in April and we had to sign immediately after looking but it was worth it because it was a steal. I also was a brand new mom right after we got here so as far as doing a whole bunch of stuff here... well, I didn't get much time 😅.

  • Christa Cobo (2023)

    • Student likes it, housing was not too hard to find, small-ish hospital where you basically get treated more like an intern than a Med student. No residents to compete with, doc only has 1 student most of the time. I am living in Phoenix near family and working full time as an RN so we go up there or he comes down on weekends (3 hr drive). This has been the hardest part but we FaceTime a LOT. I recommend it just because his experience has been SO great!