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Groups & Clubs

Groups and clubs are a great way to get involved and stay connected.

If you don't see something you love, you can always start your own!


These groups were created by MSP members seeking community with those who share a specific interest. 

A group to help anyone interested in better managing their finances throughout medical school and beyond.

A group to ask questions about your rotation questions that occur during 3rd year. 

Designed to be a community for those of us supporting our significant other through the medical school journey

Come meet up with other families while our spouses/partners are busy in med school!

This book club is for RVU significant others to meet new friends, discuss awesome books, and eat lots of snacks. We meet once a month at alternating homes. 

For RVU significant others to get together and enjoy a monthly Bunco night! It's a very easy game and quick to learn. We hope you will join us!

For significant others of RVU students to come together and make a fun project every month.


RVU Bach night bunch for current RVU spouses. Get together weekly and anyone who is willing to host can! It’s going to be the most dramatic season yet!

For RVUCOM-SU students and Significant Others, this group is a general non-academic page where you can sell stuff, ask for help, ask for technical help that maybe another student knows how to do, and to post any non-academic activities. 

Create connection and community as well as share information with those whose significant others who are doing rotations for RVU outside of Saint George, UT. (Any significant other of a RVU med student is welcome to join this group, even if you aren't in rotations yet)

Get to know some awesome RVU people while enjoying the beauty of Southern Utah!

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