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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

We have loved our experience at RVU. My husband is the med student and we have one son who was 18 months when we started our journey in beautiful Southern Utah. When we were going through the application and interview process this was the program that just felt right for us.

RVU has been a great school for my husband and being in this program with the super supportive and experienced faculty and staff has made a difficult journey more bearable. I have always felt that they care deeply about the students AND their families from the amazing janitors all the way up to the school president. They want every student to succeed and give them opportunities and tools to be successful. They build camaraderie and healthy competition between the students. They support student led organizations and are concerned for the students mental and physical wellness. There are clubs, activities, intramurals, fit Fridays, Nerf wars and many other systems and organizations to support students mental and physical wellness. The school goes above and beyond to include and support med students and their families (significant others, spouses and children) throughout their time at RVU. I can’t believe we have been here for almost two full school years. I can’t imagine having gone through this experience anywhere else.

Besides the merits of the school itself, we have enjoyed living in Southern Utah. You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to live with the awesome community and the majestic red mountains. There is always something to do.

In Ivins, there is the beautiful Snow Canyon State Park and you are less than an hour away from Gunlock and Sand Hollow Reservoirs, Veyo, Pine Valley, and Zion National Park. There are hundreds of great parks, splash pads for cooling down, and amazing hiking trails.

St. George is so historic and offers plenty of museums and landmarks to explore both ancient and modern. There are farmer’s markets and the awesome St. George StreetFest for more than half the year with food trucks and local vendors. There is also the amazing Tuacahn outdoor amphitheater. If you like theater at all you will love seeing their magnificent musicals, shows, and concerts. They usually give discounts through RVU to the students so make sure to check that out.

There are lots of delicious places to each and we loved supporting local businesses. If you have kids, there is an awesome Children’s Museum, a wildlife museum, and my son’s favorite, the Dinosaur Discover Site.

St. George has something for everyone…seriously. Check out the Starving Student Card for fun places to eat and discounts for local shops. There is so much to do, and two years was not nearly enough time to do it all.

When I talk to other spouses and partners, they say that one of the things they appreciate the most about being at RVU is how much support is available. RVU is aware of how hard med school is on students and their families. It is very demanding, and it can be hard to find balance between school and home life. Support is there…from the school and the organizations they support including our “Medical Spouses and Partner’s Group”. I feel so blessed that this is where we are starting our med school journey.

I asked several significant others and spouses what their favorite thing about RVU has been. This is what they had to say:

A: “I love how family friendly/inclusive the school is. I feel welcome any time we visit the building and love that they plan activities that involve the families of students.”

E: “I love the community that there is here among the spouses and families. I wouldn’t be able to get through this all without it.”

S: “I love the support system and groups that are available for significant others to participate in.”

M: I love how family friendly RVU is.

S: “I love the MSP Group and support available to spouses going through this journey. I also love all the activities put on by the school and MSP.”

C: “I love that they plan physical activities for the students and encourage them to take study breaks. It’s good to see that they are encouraging balance!”

K: “Everyone is so kind here. It is the best community of people. The location is amazing and beautiful. RVU is really, truly on your side. They want you to pass! They give you many opportunities to make sure you succeed.”

T: “I love that there are activities for the significant others. It makes me feel more connected to the school and what my spouse is doing! It’s also a nice way to meet people and be involved. I also love beautiful Southern Utah.”

L: I love the relaxed small-town city life that is in the St. George area. There is quiet Ivins with the amazing Tuacahn Theatre, historic Santa Clara, and St. George which has lots of fun things year-round to attend.”

H: “Location: great outdoor scenery, stuff to do, and the people are friendly.”

S: “I love that Rocky Vista is right at the base of the Red Mountain. The RVU community is so awesome and friendly.”

E: “I love the amazing community of med school families and all the fun things to do in St. George. The school building itself is beautiful and the surroundings are beautiful and peaceful. We feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful place.”

We ALL love Rocky Vista University and I think you will too. There is something about this beautiful location that makes this journey a little bit better. You couldn’t pick a better place to begin your med school adventure. Trust me, it is certainly that. And know that you will have as much support as you need along the way.

Written by: Ashleigh Peterson, med school wife, class of 2022.

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