Things to do Around St. George With Kids!

By: Jessie Sterr

Hi Friends! My name is Jessie Sterr! My husband, Wayne (OMS III), and I have been married for 7 years and we have 3 fun-loving kiddos; Lydia (5), Xavier (3), and Liam (1). I oversee MSP’s Craft Club and love all things MSP! If you love to do fun DIY projects, definitely join the craft club on FaceBook so you can be a part of all the fun! I love to spend time with family, have date nights with my handsome hubby, come up with and do fun activities with my kiddos, create beautiful things (especially sugar cookies and clay earrings), read cheesy romance novels, spend time with friends, and indulge in chocolate! I’m a huge advocate for having a family in med school and making the most of it, so if you ever want my two cents on the matter feel free to ask!

But for today I want to share with you some fun things you can do with your family during your time here in St. George and help make your med school journey even more enjoyable and memorable! We have loved our time in St. George and at RVU-SU and will truly treasure the memories we’re making forever!



There are literally parks ALL over the place, you will find it’s not uncommon to bump into a new park within 5 minutes from the last. If you’re new to the area and want to find a fun park to try, the best thing to do is google “parks near me” and you will find a great big list! Jot them all down in your phone and every few days go down the list and try a new one. Even though there will be tons of parks within 5-10 minutes of where you live, don’t shy away from visiting a park that may be 20-30 minutes away. We live close to Washington and when we first moved here almost all of the park day group adventures were out in Ivins. I dreaded hauling my kids 25 minutes across town just to go to a PARK, but it was always so worth it and this has now become the norm at times! If I hadn’t made the trek out I wouldn’t have found some of our favorite parks!

With that, not all parks are created equal. Some are suitable for a specific age range that your kiddos may not fit into, some parks are kind of gross or sketchy, and others you may find that you simply don’t like. But here’s a list of our favorites:

  • Crimson Ridge Park: a ways out for most, but a really fun park. If you go here, plan to go to the Alumni Creamery (BYU creamery) just across the street and make a whole trip of it!

  • Sienna Hills Park: another Washington park, but super fun - also has a splash pad!

  • Ivins City Park: Basically right next to RVU and SO fun for all ages! We LOVE this park!

  • Firehouse Park: A good mid way park no matter where you live. Really fun, fairly well shaded and has a dog park next to it for those of you with four-legged kiddos!

  • Hidden Valley Park: This one is super fun and also has a splash pad with it. No shade though, so come prepared! It’s a pretty big park and perfect for all ages!

  • Bloomington Hills North Park: Perfect if your kiddo is a climber! Has a beautiful walking trail around it too! This park is a ways out for most people though.

  • Thunder Junction Park: We call this “the dinosaur park!” This park is a huge tourist attraction and is always super busy. It’s geared for children of all abilities and has a lot of things to do, including an awesome splash pad and train ride. This park is HUGE and because of that I don’t like to go by myself with my 3 kiddos. So we make this park extra special and go with daddy when he has a little free time! If you go, plan to go on the weekdays when it’s not as busy!

  • I also have a few parks I don’t love as much, if you care to have that list you can reach out to me personally!


Splash Pads:

Much like parks, there are a TON! Not quite as many as there are parks, but still a lot! This is the perfect way to cool off with your kiddos here in St. George! Our top favorite splash pads include:

  • Downtown St. George Splash Pad: Right in the heart of St. George, behind the library and Children’s Museum. This is our TOP favorite and is so so fun! It has a fair amount of shade depending on when you go and provides endless amounts of play!

  • Unity Park Splash Pad: This park’s playground is also very fun. This splash pad has a lot of water features. I know they’re redoing this though and I’m curious how it may change with the renovations.

  • Green Springs Park: This one is out in Washington and also has a fun playground area! Similar to Unity in that it has a lot of water features, but it’s a smidge smaller than Unity.

  • Pine View Park: a little trickier to find, but a really fun splash pad. There are also two playgrounds on either end of the splash pad, but are quite a ways from the splash pad itself.