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The Truth About Having a Baby in Medical School

Kids in med school... one of the best and hardest parts of this whole journey. Alone time is about as sparse as snow here in lovely St George. But you are going to bond with your kids in more ways than you’ve ever imagined.

Get ready to be the constant in your kids life. Your spouse is going to come and go with a constantly changing schedule while you are gonna be there all day, every day, forever until the end of time and the world turns to ash.

You are going to be their go- to person for everything and since parent #2 won’t always be around, it’s gonna get a little overwhelming. But try to embrace the abundance of attention and remember that these are crucial years to make wonderful memories with your little ones.

There are so many other S/Os in the same boat. And we are all here to support each other! We all love each other, and we all love each other’s kids! We’re all in it to help each other. And we all have lots of the same struggles! Reach out to each other and find your tribe! Hit as many park days and play dates as you can! Ask for help when you need it and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable! We’re all in this, and kids are a forever changing enigma.

It gets easy to set a routine with your kids that’s doesn’t include your busy student. And that’s ok! But never exclude them and always set them as a priority when they are around. Take the time you have with your student as a blessing and let them enjoy all of the fun that comes with having kids. They need it so much, and so do the kids. We love you and good luck!

-Nicole Stevenson

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