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Our Favorite Parts of Medical School

By: Holly Cox

Location, location, location! Saint George has many activities for the athlete or outdoor lover. We have fallen in love with pickleball and mountain biking and paddleboarding to name a few. There are so many national parks nearby for a weekend camping trip with the family or you can hit Vegas for the day for some interesting events and food.

The other favorite thing about medical school is the sense of community. No one else understands what medical school is like and what it's like to be a med student's pillar of strength, but because of our unique and difficult situation it tends to pull us together and friendships happen pretty easily. Just reach out through the various Facebook pages and get asking and chatting or start your own passion and social activity with your own group.

Medical school can be rewarding and fun believe it or not. Yes, it's a lot of work and balance and figuring it out, but we have loved our time in Saint George.

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