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How to Make Friends During Medical School: An Introvert's Perspective

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

By Sara Lofthouse

This is more of an introvert's perspective on how to make friends during the Medical school journey. This is making friends, starting at level 1.

My background is a stay at home mom, with a rambunctious 3 year old boy. 

Step one: meet people! 

One thing that set me up for finding friends and connecting with others was going to the start of school orientation. At that point I was wide eyed and not sure what the heck was going on. Pretty much any activities that the school hosts for the families and significant others is a great way to meet others. I quickly found out that I knew RVU significant others and RVU students that played soccer in high school with me and went to the same colleges with me. If you don't know many people, introduce yourself to others at church, at work, meet your neighbors and what I talked about above, go to school activities. Don't stress, go at your own pace. 

Step two: Find others who enjoy activities that you enjoy!

The medical spouse and partners club is a great place to start to find fun activities and awesome people. I've had good laughs and have met amazing significant others from being part of the school's Medical Spouses and Partners (MSP) club. I've also been able to find groups that I'm interested in on RVUCOM-SU Significant Others page (Park Day, workout group, etc.). If you don't find the kind of group you are hoping for, make one! If that's not your cup of tea, or work makes it difficult to go to MSP activities, find activities in the community that you enjoy! I feel like its important to have activities where you can see the same people a few times so you can get to know their name, find out likes and dislikes and start building from there. Don't do this alone! Find people to connect with!

Step three: share your talents and interests.

 Now that you have met others, and gotten to know a few things about them (and feel more comfortable), it's time to set a "date" ( time and place) to meet your friend or friends to build your relationship and help support each other.

Some examples could be to invite someone over so you can help them learn to sew, meet at a museum, go on a walk, do a playdate for your kids or dogs, get a smoothie, play video games, really whatever you enjoy and want to do with a friend! Really the hardest part will probably be reaching out and inviting people to do things with you. And hopefully your relationships can grow and others will take a turn and invite you to do things with them. 

Happy friendshipping!

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