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How I Survive Full-Time Work While my Husband is in Medical School

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

By Shawnea Brown

My Biggest advice is stay busy. I am a planner, and I try my hardest to stay busy.

Secondly, It is also very fun and nice to get out of the house and participate in the Medical Spouses and Partners (MSP) club activities. I am a first year spouse and I decided right away to get involved! I am so glad that I did! I currently participate in book club, freezer meal swap, a work out group, and part of the activities committee for MSP. I enjoy the people I work with in the MSP presidency. There are so many fun activities and clubs to join! If there is something you’re interested in, and we don’t have it, Start a club! If you’re religious get involved with your church, or neighborhood, community, etc. Whenever possible, make plans with friends, family, yourself etc. when you have time off. Do something different you wouldn’t normally do. You will find more friends and have that experience. Whatever you do, don’t be shy. Remember you’re not alone in this journey. We are all in the same boat.

There will be times that your spouse is swamped with studying for tests on weekends, during the week and just about all the time! We truly do look forward to the weeks that tests land on Friday. Plan something the weekends that they have tests on Fridays. However, keep in mind that your spouse/ partner is very busy and may not be able to go to every party, family event, holiday etc. Make sure if you can and if you want to that you go anyway! Yes you’re in this journey together, however you have to do what makes you happy as well.

I currently don’t have any children. I do however, have a fur baby. It is important to also be there for your pets. When I am not working, cleaning, doing laundry, or hanging out with other med spouses, I am playing with my border- collie corgi, Nolly. In the winter time (more like fall with wind and rain at times) I try to play fetch inside, due to it being so dark when I get home from work. On the weekends that I don’t work, I make an effort to walk my dog. I honestly don’t know what I would do without my sweet Nolly. She is my girl! She is so excited to pick me up with my husband from work. I love coming home to her excitement to see me. She jumps up and wants to be petted and then play or go out.

IF you have questions or concerns, ask away that is what we are here for. You’re never truly alone, if you haven’t experienced it before, I guarantee someone else has! I really enjoy RVU and the people I have met in the 7 almost 8 months I have been here.

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