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Favorite Things 2022

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

August 17 @ 8 pm

Favorite Things night was such a fun activity where many of the MSP members got together to share some of their favorites with others and get to know each other better. We gathered at Ivins City Park and had planned to set up blankets and enjoy our activity on the grass area of the baseball field, but the weather had a different plan for us. It started to rain so we moved the activity under the pavilion. We asked each person to bring three items that they love, which cost no more than $5 each to share with others. We split those who attended into groups of 6-8 and had each person draw names out of a cup and they would give one of their items to that person. We had such a great turn out. We all had so much fun and are so glad that so many people came! There is no wonder that this activity is one of the most loved of the year!

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