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Fall Festival 2022

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Saturday October 15 @ 9am-noon

Fall Festival was so much fun! The school organized a free community event just outside the school. The event featured many booths, both educational and fun, from different school clubs. MSP was invited to host a booth as well! We love being able to help out and support the school our students attend.

MSP featured not one, but TWO booths as well as a scavenger hunt! Our first booth was an “Organ walk”. Children could walk around in a circle stepping on pictures of different organs to music, once the music stopped the child standing on the winning organ got a cupcake! The organ pictures featured images of real organs to add to the fun, health and medical side of the Fall Festival theme. While over time the sun melted the frosting on what cupcakes we had left, we still had plenty of candy for children to win as well.

MSP also had a fun craft table that allowed children to make a small pumpkin made out of just pipe cleaner and beads. The adorable tiny pumpkins were a huge hit! We ran out of orange beads, but we still had plenty of orange pipe cleaner and clear beads to keep the fun going.

The scavenger hunt featured a QR code at our booth that people could scan. This QR code would open a check list of organs to find. Throughout the event, attached to different booths we taped pieces of paper with different organs on them. If all the organs were found, completing the checklist, they could return to the MSP booth for a small prize!

Fall Festival also included so many fun booths from different clubs. All the booths were either education or fun, sometimes both! There was face painting, balloon animals, a giant blowup bounce slide for kids, a costume contest and even a food truck!

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