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You Are On The Same Team As Your Spouse, Even When It Doesn’t Feel Like It

Baseball. A game of 9 Innings. 9 positions on the field and each very important. But two of the most important are the pitcher and the catcher. The co-captains of the team. Both have vital yet different roles.

Take the pitcher; their job is to throw the heat and hit the strike zone as many time as possible and start racking up strike outs. The only people in sight once they focus in, are the batter and the catcher. And every pitch, every batter, and every inning that pitcher will keep that same job and same goal. Get the strike out.

Our students are pitchers. Their job is to pass tests. There is so much pressure on these guys, and they work their absolute hardest at their job. They are showing up and throwing the heat every day just to wake up and do it all again tomorrow. Because every day, every week, and every month they will have the same goal; pass tests.

Now the catcher. This guy has a loaded job. He has his eyes on the field and all of his team mates the whole time. He’s watching runners, calling out plays, and protecting his home plate all while cheering on his pitcher and catching everything he throws at him. He keeps his cool under pressure and is the level head on the team. He keeps up moral and makes sure is pitcher has his mind right to keep working hard.

We (the S/O’s) are catchers. We have a huge job and a team to take care of. We have the house, finances, work, meals, kids, and so much more so our pitcher (student) can focus on pitching (school) and get the strike outs (pass tests, boards,school.)

This may seem like the scale is tipping quite further to one side rather than the other. But you have to remember that if there was no pitcher for a catcher, or a catcher for a pitcher, there would be no game of baseball. Med school is going to be the biggest team effort ever. Even though you will both play very different roles, you are both essential to the succession of your student! Your methods and roles will both be different, but the same goal is in sight. You want your student to pass tests. You want them to succeed. And you are ready and willing to start catching some heated fast balls and wicked curve balls to make it happen.

Sometimes it’s going to be hard. It’s going to take some adjusting and the occasional re-grouping. But you can never forget that you are a team. You both want what’s best even if doesn’t seem that way. All the hard work will pay off and before you know it the game will be over. It’s a team effort from day 1. Share the success, learn from the struggles, and never forget the rest of your team Is here to help out!

-Nicole Stevenson

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