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My Favorite Parts of Medical School

by Larissa Clason

Let me start off by saying that my favorite parts of medical school have absolutely nothing to do with medical school. 

I am currently working full time and have two dogs. I have loved living here because of all of the different things there are to do outside of medical school. Being a significant other to a student can be hard. For me, I often have a hard time balancing my life from my husbands. One of the best things about being at this stage in life is that I can still have my own dreams, goals and passions outside of my spouses. 

By far my favorite thing about this experience is the location in which we live. This area is a vacation spot for people around the world because it has landscapes you will never find anywhere else. I have loved going out hiking to waterfalls, finding hidden lakes and enjoying all nature has to offer. One of my personal favorites is Tocqueville Falls. It is about a 40 minute drive from the school to the city of Tocqueville. From there you have a bit of intense off-roading (you can rent a four wheeler for this) before you reach the falls. Depending on the season there may be a few people there or you may have this beauty all to yourself. This a a two tier waterfall. From the middle you can jump into the lower pool and if you just want to swim you can either walk to the bottom pool or stay in the middle. It is one of my favorite places because it has water year round. 

Another favorite part of medical school is being able to connect with many people who I would not have anything in common with outside of this experience. I have made lifelong friends during these past two years. It took me quite some time in the beginning to step out of my comfort zone and make the commitment to myself that I would go to the different activities and events but it was 100% worth it. These are the opportunities to meet people who will go on those adventures with you and support you when you need it the most. Sometimes your student won't be home for dinner. That's OKAY. That may just mean you have a night out with your friends instead. Another significant other explained it as "it's like being in college except you just get to make friends and enjoy the fun parts of it while your significant other does the studying and takes the exams." Don't miss the opportunity to connect with other people! It is truly the best part of this medical school journey.

If you are scared to take this next step in life don't worry! We have all been there. This area is one of the most amazing places in the world. The opportunities you will have here will change YOUR life, not just the life of your student. I have been blessed to be here are so are you! Just take it one adventure at a time.

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